Learning Goals of this Wiki:

  • To know what the Educreations app is & how to create videos with it (Mostly for the iPad).
  • To know how to save videos and view them after school.
  • To know how to access Educreations on your device or the internet.

Who is this for?

  • This is for teachers and administrators who were introduced to an app and would like to get more in depth details about using that app in their teaching.

Accessing This App:

This link will take you to the iTunes web page for you to download the free app: Educreations

Please answer these questions before watching the videos:

What do you already know about EduCreations?

EduCanon Video:

What is the Educreations App? (Video Length: 3 minutes 11 seconds)
(For the tracking of results, you would need to register and logon).

Let's Learn How to Create an Educreations Video:

Click here to get started on our journey to create our own video using the EduCreations App
(Video length: 3 minutes 12 seconds)

Ready to create your own EduCreations video?

You can create one with your device using the EduCreation App or do it online by
clicking here: http://www.educreations.com and login with: login: whypad1@gmail.com password: whypad

Please post the link to the video you created in the discussion board below for feedback and giving others a chance to see what you've created.

Connecting with others:

See the discuss option below to post your questions, comments or request help for anything.

Examples of EduCreations videos created:

Line of symmetry video
Read aloud and making inferences
Add your video here:

Additional Information About EduCreations:

Presentation: FlowBoard